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How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast

and Get Your Confidence Back.



DoctorHow to get rid of stretch marks? This question is asked by thousands of people around the world each day.

Let’s face it, these unsightly marks on the skin that look like bands, stripes or lines are spoilers of self-confidence, making millions of people become self-conscious about their bodies.

Nevertheless, the advancement in the therapeutic industry has made it possible for people to get rid of stretch marks. For those afflicted by them, a careful look at the given details below can be of great help.

What Causes Stretch Marks


Foremost, you should know what causes stretch marks and why stretch marks appear in the body. To understand the occurrence of those appalling lines on your skin that follow after childbirth, weight gain or extreme weight loss, you need to know what skin is made of and how it works.

Skin is composed of certain amount of elasticity known as elastin which gives the skin its flexibility, allowing it to shrink back after being stretched. However, when constantly or rapidly stretched, the elastic middle layer of the skin called the dermis can break down hence creating stretch marks behind.

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

There are various options available for removing those unwanted lines on the skin. These include application of topical lotions and creams, surgical treatment, diet and exercises. We will explore exactly what each of the foregoing methods involves.


Lotions and Creams

Lotions and creams are readily available over-the-counter. You can easily purchase them from drugstores and pharmacies. Many people try over-the-counter medications in the hope of removing stretch marks without all the costs that are involved in medical consultations. If you are on a constrained budget, you may find this approach plausible.

Nowadays, there are many products that claim effectiveness in removing stretch marks. Unfortunately, some products are not very efficient in producing the results as opposed to what they’re claiming. Nevertheless, there are three popular products which seem to offer the most desirable result for getting rid of stretch marks. These are Skinception, Dermology and Revitol.

Meanwhile, it is good to know what constitutes each product so that you can choose which brand is the right one for you. Below is a short description and evaluation of each product along with a price comparison


#1 - Skinception - Highly Recommended


skinception product image

Safety: 5 stars

Effectiveness:5 stars

Product Quality:5 stars

Price: As Low as $33 for a month supply

Money Back Guarantee: 90 Days

Overall Score: 5 stars


The Skinception™ Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy is the new comer on the market. This incredible product is Rapidely becoming our Most Recommended stretch mark product.


Scientifically proven in clinical trails, this amazing formula is proven to:


- Reduce stretch marks by up to %72.5%

- Reduce the length of Stretch marks by up to 52% in only 4 weeks

- Repair your skin

- Increase your skin smoothness

- and much more


Take the time to visit their website and consult the different clinical trial results. This product is the real deal. Take action fast, and take advantage of their FREE Gifts while you can!


Read our complete Skinception review right here!





#2 - Dermology Stretch Mark Prevention - Highly Recommended


dermology 2

Safety: 5 stars

Effectiveness:5 stars

Product Quality: 5 stars

Price: Trial (Only Pay S&H)

Money Back Guarantee: 90 Days

Overall Score: 5 stars



This Offer is Only Available to U.S. and Canadian and most of EU Countries .


If you are from another country, see our recommended products below.

The Dermology Stretch Mark Solution has been proven to dramatically reduce and eliminate the appearance of stretch marks on your body. The formula has been designed to help increase the production of collagen and elastin in the epidermis and to decrease the appearance of stretch marks.

Click the following link to read our complete Dermology review.





#3 - Revitol Cellulite Solution


revitol stretch mark cream

Safety: 5 stars

Effectiveness: 4.5 stars

Product Quality: 5 stars

Price: $39.95

Money Back Guarantee: 90 Days

Overall Score: 4.5 stars



The Revitol stretch mark cream is the last innovation from the Revitol Skin care products. Many claim that the Revitol line of product is one of the best they have used. According to our research, this product is highly appreciated by users suffering from stretch marks.


Currently Revitol is our second most recommended product.


- 100% Natural Ingredients

- Affordable

- High Success Rate

- No More Hiding Under, Claim your Skin Back!

- Experience Results within a Few Weeks

- Buy 4 Bottles and Get 2 For Free!


Read our complete Revitol review.





#4 - Trilastin-SR


trilastin sr

Safety: 5 stars

Effectiveness: 4.5 stars

Product Quality: 5 stars

Price: $79.95

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Overall Score: 4.5 stars



Even though this particular treatment is not among our top three, Trilastin-SR is still a very effective treatment to get rid of stretch marks. You can read our complete review about this product or simply go directly on their website. This product comes with a 60 days money so you have nothing to lose.


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Take the time to read our Trilastin-SR review






Surgical Treatments


If you are desperately seeking help to tackle those unwanted streaks on your skin, you have many surgical options to consider. It may be worthwhile knowing some of these procedures to help you gain back your self-esteem.


Chemical Peels


A chemical peel for stretch marks utilizes harsh chemicals, usually an acid, to peel away the top layers of the epidermis. When the chemical solution is applied, it causes the skin to blister and peel off, and eventually a new and smoother skin is regenerated. Because this technique uses strong chemicals, it will be prudent to consult your dermatologist first and discuss with the expert about the pros and cons of the treatment.

Read our article entitled "Chemical Peels - Everything You Need to Know" and find out more about this procedure.


Micro Dermabrasion


Micro dermabrasion for stretch marks works by treating the uppermost layer of the expanded skin. It peels off this layer of the skin using a pressure or crystal flow into the skin with the help of an expensive machine. After the treatment, new, healthy skin grows hence replacing the scarred tissue with new ones.

For more information about this particular treatment, read our complete and detailed article about microdermabrasion.


Laser Treatments


Laser treatment for stretch marks works by repairing the collagen layer underneath skin. The procedure does not involve any skin incision thus making it safe and non-invasive. Stretch marks are treated differently, depending on the appearance of the mark. For red stretch marks, the pulse-dye laser is the recommended treatment, while fractional laser therapy is the treatment of choice for white stretch marks.
Treatments for stretch marks through surgical means can be extremely effective. However, these options do not come cheap at all. But as long as you have plenty of spare money, surgical options are worth a try.

For more than a simple resume, read our complete research article about the Laser treatments for stretch marks.

Diet and Exercises

Weight gain is the primary culprit for the existence of stretch marks on the skin. To prevent excess weight gain, taking proper diet and regular exercise are crucial. Since stretch marks can appear on any body part, spot-training these areas increases muscle mass slowly whilst burning fat, and thereby decreasing any chance for the occurrence of those ugly looking streaks on the skin. Simple leg-swinging while sitting, lifting of dumbbells, walking, jogging, crunches and sit-ups are some of the most common forms of exercises for preventing and reducing stretch marks.


Furthermore, proper diet also plays important role against stretch marks. Start by drinking plenty of water to keep your body well-hydrated. Remember, hydration is very essential for maintaining the elasticity of the skin. Low fat, low calorie diet promotes healthy skin.


The best way to avoid the question “How to get rid of stretch marks?” is to prevent the stretch marks from existing at all. So make sure to eat healthy foods coupled with regular exercises. Keep in mind that stretch mark removal, regardless of the type of procedure taken, will take time to regenerate skin. Therefore, time and patience are very important elements before you can finally see the results!

Click the following link and read our complete and detailed article about Diet and Exercises for stretch marks.




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